Vecta Jr.

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Compact version of our Vecta Mobile Sensory Cart.

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As with many of our products, the Vecta Jr. was developed at the request of a customer who loved the Vecta Deluxe but needed a smaller version to fit into their procedure rooms.
The Vecta Jr. contains the essential elements of a sensory station and can be used for distraction and maintaining the right level of arousal just about anywhere. Perfect for classroom quiet corners, hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and anythere someone needs a sensory break.
The Tabletop Bubble Tube and SNIP Projector are securely mounted to the top of the cart so you can move the Vecta Jr. from place to place safely. The SNIP Projector’s mounting hardware has an adjustable knob so you can position the projected images anywhere in the room. The Ball Switch allows the user to turn on and off the bubbles in the Tabletop Bubble Tube for cause and effect, eye tracking and fine motor work. The Fiber Optic Strands flow from the top of the cart so the user can get the full advantage of the strands. Our Sparkle Light Source slowly moves through the brillant color spectrum to produce a calming effect and has a soothing white twinkling effect. Use these strands as a weight for added proprioceptive calming. 

Vecta Jr. includes:

  • Tabletop Bubble Tube (Tabletop Hurricane Tube can be substituted)
  • Ball Switch to control Bubble Tube bubbles
  • SNIP Projector
  • Choice of 1 SNAP Wheel
  • Fiber Optic Strands (80″L, 100 strands) with Sparkle Light Source
  • Bubble Tube Cleaner – hospital-grade disinfectant
  • Sensory Activity Bin – Original Find-It, Bumpy Balls-Small, Flexi Rings (2), & Fanimals
  • Portable locking cart with smooth caster wheels which lock, storage cabinet with shelves, storage bins (2), white board. The laminate surface makes this little cart very easy to clean.This product does not qualify for free shipping. We will be happy to give you a quote!