Autism British Columbia

If you are a British Columbia (BC) resident receiving funding through the Autism Funding Branch and have been authorized to purchase therapy supplies, you have two options available. The first is to pay Therapy in a Bin directly when you place an order, and then obtain reimbursement for that order from the branch utilizing the “Reimbursement for Autism Expenses” form. The second option is to submit a Request To Pay (RTP) form and a quote for the authorized supplies to the Autism Funding Branch. Please allow approximately four to six weeks to receive your supplies if you are using the RTP option.

Simply email us at [email protected] with a Justification for Equipment (JFE) form and your contact information. We will email you an Invoice (which will include all applicable taxes, customs and duty fees) along with a completed Request to Pay (RTP) form. Once you have approved and confirmed that all information is correct, sign the RTP and fax or email it back to us.  We will submit all documentation to the Funding Unit. As soon as the Funding Unit issues us a billing number, we can ship your order.

We do not charge a fee for this service however there will be a 15% restocking fee for cancellations on processed orders. There are no refunds for orders placed using funding dollars only exchanges on approved items (excluding return and replacement of freight).

Regardless of your choice, we are here to support you. Please contact us directly at 1-800-818-7107 or at [email protected]